Friday, October 30, 2009

Jan-Erik - Off topic - mixes done for the team

Well, before you think we are one trick wonders, just thought I'd upload my latest mix that I produced earlier this week plus a photo from another session out in town. Will be playing mid next month in Bournemouth, so if you are in town, let me know and drop by - my DJ name is Viking Prince (you can also find me on Facebook). I try to feed through mixes to the design & code team regularly (except for Lee, who hates 'electronic rubbish') cause everyone likes to hear the latest music. Of course, Podcasts are always playing, so we are generally pretty on it musically.

The type of music I'll be playing, well, the just check out the mix. It has some very hot new tracks that I have been researching this month and includes:
  • Kids (Soulwax Remix) - MGMT
  • New In Town (Drop The Lime Dub) - Little Boots
  • Blau - Laidback Luke & Lee Mortimer
  • Hype (Dre Skull Remix) - Dre Skull & Juiceboxxx
Click here to play or right click to download: Dancehall to Dubstep October Mix


Unknown said...

But, as Jan says, somebody or something will come along and offer something new, good, and essentially set a new standard.

dsi r4

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