Friday, October 23, 2009

Leon - Briefing meeting - XTM International

Travelled to beautiful Gerrards Cross, for my initial meeting with our client. I myself met Bob and Elliot for the first time - really nice guys! Jan-Erik, who also attended today, had met them before. We went through Jan's meeting agenda, covered various items such as scope of work, requirements from client, schedule, agreed content ideas, went through briefing questions and discussed our brand perception map. We also went through the current brand and website design, to identify reason, and any points of value to consider. It very much looks like we have a clean slate to work with – yey! Seemed like a long day as travel alone was over 5 hours in total, but well worth it for me to meet our clients face to face.


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Anyway, If I could nominate this for best post of the year I would. Have you checked out It's a nice podcast well worth listening to.

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