Sunday, October 25, 2009

Leon - Initial investigations started - XTM International

Urgh! Feeling terrible as I have a cold, really got to me on Saturday, but feeling more functional today. Started initial brief familiarisation work, eager to get up and running before Monday. With knowledge gained from Friday's meeting, I read up on the finer details of what XTM International do, and the various components of their software products. Some interesting keywords/phrases came up such as 'Engine' – suggesting the core workhorse, 'Translation Environment' – suggesting the complete nature of the software suite, and 'Translation Memory' – a key part of the way the software works. Started an initial investigation of potential typefaces for the logo.

Looking at a variety of fonts that may capture the essence of the company, and what they do. Also looking for typeface designs that may hold inherent clues for a relevant logo 'idea'. Awaiting competitor info from client, and also feedback from their own customers as to what they think of them.


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