Friday, October 30, 2009

Leon - XTM International - Conceptual work on Brand/Logo - XTM International

Eurgh, not well at all, still have this damn cold – or is it some kind of flu? (I ache all over, and feel somewhat constantly hallucinated) was bed-ridden most of Wednesday, seem to feel better after being up a few hours, then it gets worse again. Got myself together to some degree on Wednesday afternoon, continued with XTM logo/brand ideas, some more exploration of concepts, but didn't manage to achieve too much.

Today was again a difficult start, but towards the afternoon/evening things started to flow much better. I think the worst thing for a designer to experience is feeling lack of emotion; mental numbness, it's horrible, nothing comes out of the mind. In a sense, sometimes one has to become desperate or frustrated, even angry at the job to evoke emotion, it's a kind of hurdle you cross before you sometimes start to really get geared up enough to start thinking creatively, to become 'in the mode' to create original design, to ignore cliches, to become mentally fluid, relaxed and start to really enjoy the process... After all that, that's when the 'good' work begins. Unfortunately it's now 4.00am, and I have to get some sleep in order to adhere to a social timescale and meet tomorrow's deadline. Hah! Zzz zzz zzz z


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