Friday, October 30, 2009

Jan-Erik - Off topic - mixes done for the team

Well, before you think we are one trick wonders, just thought I'd upload my latest mix that I produced earlier this week plus a photo from another session out in town. Will be playing mid next month in Bournemouth, so if you are in town, let me know and drop by - my DJ name is Viking Prince (you can also find me on Facebook). I try to feed through mixes to the design & code team regularly (except for Lee, who hates 'electronic rubbish') cause everyone likes to hear the latest music. Of course, Podcasts are always playing, so we are generally pretty on it musically.

The type of music I'll be playing, well, the just check out the mix. It has some very hot new tracks that I have been researching this month and includes:
  • Kids (Soulwax Remix) - MGMT
  • New In Town (Drop The Lime Dub) - Little Boots
  • Blau - Laidback Luke & Lee Mortimer
  • Hype (Dre Skull Remix) - Dre Skull & Juiceboxxx
Click here to play or right click to download: Dancehall to Dubstep October Mix

Leon - XTM International - Conceptual work on Brand/Logo - XTM International

Eurgh, not well at all, still have this damn cold – or is it some kind of flu? (I ache all over, and feel somewhat constantly hallucinated) was bed-ridden most of Wednesday, seem to feel better after being up a few hours, then it gets worse again. Got myself together to some degree on Wednesday afternoon, continued with XTM logo/brand ideas, some more exploration of concepts, but didn't manage to achieve too much.

Today was again a difficult start, but towards the afternoon/evening things started to flow much better. I think the worst thing for a designer to experience is feeling lack of emotion; mental numbness, it's horrible, nothing comes out of the mind. In a sense, sometimes one has to become desperate or frustrated, even angry at the job to evoke emotion, it's a kind of hurdle you cross before you sometimes start to really get geared up enough to start thinking creatively, to become 'in the mode' to create original design, to ignore cliches, to become mentally fluid, relaxed and start to really enjoy the process... After all that, that's when the 'good' work begins. Unfortunately it's now 4.00am, and I have to get some sleep in order to adhere to a social timescale and meet tomorrow's deadline. Hah! Zzz zzz zzz z

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Jan-Erik - Font exploration - XTM International

Leon and I had a discussion on the potential font directions. I think Leon is still pretty badly under the weather with his cold but hanging in there like a trouper!

Whilst many of the fonts will simple not work for XTM (interestingly enough, we have already shortened the brand name down to XTM in our minds from XTM International - something that could not be done with the previous name of XML Intl - am very glad we managed to persuade the client of the merits of a complete company name change). Anyhow, whilst many of the fonts don't work, it did bring up some interesting ideas about 'flow' and 'connections'. XTM is effectively 'language translation management technology' ... so there are elements of engines, work flow, input / output & trust that we need to communicate visually. Am currently not sure how Leon plans to visualise this AND connect it to the letters XTM ... maybe a separate ideogram will be required.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Leon - Conceptual work on Brand/Logo - XTM International

So by this Friday, we need to supply our client with concepts for brand/logo/stationery... I'm continuing to explore the essence of what XTM is about, and how to visualise it for the brand. I'm planning to submit around 4-5 solid and reasoned directions (normally, this might be 2-3, however, I think this brief is rich with many potential outcomes, and want to explore as much as possible).

Monday, October 26, 2009

Jan-Erik - Content discussion - XTM International

Have just been chatting with client about the importance of writing good content for the website and have organised for a meeting with a copywriter to provide a technical brief for good web content. It always makes life easier when we know that the content is going to be written by a professional

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Leon - Initial investigations started - XTM International

Urgh! Feeling terrible as I have a cold, really got to me on Saturday, but feeling more functional today. Started initial brief familiarisation work, eager to get up and running before Monday. With knowledge gained from Friday's meeting, I read up on the finer details of what XTM International do, and the various components of their software products. Some interesting keywords/phrases came up such as 'Engine' – suggesting the core workhorse, 'Translation Environment' – suggesting the complete nature of the software suite, and 'Translation Memory' – a key part of the way the software works. Started an initial investigation of potential typefaces for the logo.

Looking at a variety of fonts that may capture the essence of the company, and what they do. Also looking for typeface designs that may hold inherent clues for a relevant logo 'idea'. Awaiting competitor info from client, and also feedback from their own customers as to what they think of them.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Leon - Briefing meeting - XTM International

Travelled to beautiful Gerrards Cross, for my initial meeting with our client. I myself met Bob and Elliot for the first time - really nice guys! Jan-Erik, who also attended today, had met them before. We went through Jan's meeting agenda, covered various items such as scope of work, requirements from client, schedule, agreed content ideas, went through briefing questions and discussed our brand perception map. We also went through the current brand and website design, to identify reason, and any points of value to consider. It very much looks like we have a clean slate to work with – yey! Seemed like a long day as travel alone was over 5 hours in total, but well worth it for me to meet our clients face to face.