Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Cool new business cards for Future Culture

E-creation's graphic designers produce cool new cards for Future Culture

The team at E-creation are always looking for ways for businesses to really differentiate themselves from the minute they enter into a potential client's consciousness.

Thats why we think business cards so so very incredibly important. It provides an immediate and credible overview of the professionalism and attitude of an company. E-creation's business cards are famous! You might be thinking that we are exaggerating, yet time and time again, when networking, going into meetings or talking with journalists, when we hand over our business card, we are greeted with 'ah, we've heard about you and your business cards'. That's because they are really cool - but do not have a high unit cost or a gimmick factor - they are simply yet well designed, integrating all the brand values of E-creation.

For Future Culture, the youth oriented focus of the business is reflected in the style whilst still appealing to the cold, hard business drivers that their clients require. For their business card design, we used a spot UV (a kind of shiny ink) to highlight a hidden story on the back of the card that is initially felt before it become obvious. We examined the possibility of using UV reactive clear inks that would change from clear to a deep purple but unfortunately, this was a cost prohibitive approach.