Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Design and development of file sharing applications that integrate social media

Looking to share documents, audio files or video but do not have an FTP server or other facility to upload and share information?

The answer is 3rd party file sharing websites. With increasing availability of marketing materials in multimedia format, file sharing is a requirement E-creation is asked about on a regular basis, where client's want to make their content and documents available to the public over the Internet. Whilst it is possible to write custom file sharing applications, this can be cost prohibitive for some clients, so here is an experiment we have done at E-creation to test file sharing from within Blogger and a 3rd party file sharing website The client simply uploads their file directly off of their computer onto and copies the automatically generated 'embed' code into their Blogger post.

The example we have provided is a proposal for a file sharing application that integrate social media. One of the key issues for many clients may be the perceived professionalism of a file sharing facility that has 'advertising' in it - but sometimes, that is the price of low-cost development routes. To design and develop a basic self-managed file management and sharing application would typically cost around £2,000 with limitations on the monthly bandwidth. This is due to the charges incurred at E-creation when we exceed our bandwidth restrictions.

If clients are looking to use video content, then we often suggest the use of YouTube to reduce bandwidth demands and to make their content available to a wider audience. Blogger itself has facility to integrate video content, although the format made available can be less accessible.

Video in Blogger Example