Friday, July 30, 2010

New multimedia presentation CD-ROM and website animation copy

E-creation is producing a three minute interactive multimedia presentation about our services and have produced a first draft of copy for the introduction sequence for the multimedia presentation CD-ROM and website animation. We would welcome your feedback ...

Intelligent multimedia speaks for itself.

By integrating multimedia into your website, CD-ROM, exhibition materials or e-mail marketing, you create a better experience for prospective customers. E-creation makes it simple to enhance marketing using audio, animation, 3D and interactivity, bringing your message and products to life. With over 10 years of experience, E-creation produces some of the best multimedia and digital marketing in the world for clients such as 3Com, IBM, City & Guilds, London Underground, Unisys and Slough Borough Council. But as a smaller digital design agency, E-creation is affordable and effective for businesses of all sizes. Using multimedia, we can:
  • increase sales
  • create interest
  • reduce costs
  • influence opinion
  • manage relationships 
But for now, we’ll let the multimedia speak for itself.

... which will then go onto 90 second of interactive demos of the best of our multimedia design and production.