Monday, November 2, 2009

Jan-Erik - Presentation of Logo Concepts Phase 1 - XTM International

Well, we got there in the end, although it was a 5pm teleconference. However, Elliot and Bob seemed very happy with the results so far. We ended up presenting seven design concepts for the logo with a further six variants of logo direction.

We spent around an hour on the phone discussing the various options and have now established three clear directions for the logo. The surprising factor was the client's need for a 'strong corporate' font in the logo. We had spent some time exploring some unique fonts and Leon went as far as to create a unique font for XTM International. I somehow suspect that this unique feature will end up being a feature of the logo in the end. I have attached a PDF that was used to present to the client and gives a bit of insight in the thought processes behind each of the logo options.

Click here for our Logo Concepts Presentation PDF

However, I am currently battling with an rather annoying issue - my Mac Mail has decided to keep a massive e-mail stored in it's trash and everytime I turn on Mail, it kills my system (and also means that I don't get my e-mail) - so am having to collect my e-mail online. Of course, the online e-mail viewing software doesn't give me the same level of control over fonts & colours that are part of the E-creation 'brand' ... so that is going to be a fun one to fix.


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